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Well, I'm back...


I've heard that to truly write well, you have to put it all out there. You can pick and choose what you'd like to reveal, as in life. You can try to paint some sort of picture of what you’d like others to see, as opposed to what is. However, I'd have to say I agree that it all has to be put out there. Not in the sense of emptying your garbage out into the streets or walking outside naked. More like, taking that broken vase, finding every single piece you can, and slowly gluing it back together. Only when that is done, can you put it back from where it fell for all it's imperfections to be seen.

I can't even begin to say or pretend I'm ready for that. I suppose what I can do is write. I've thoughts, opinions, views, and positions on a various number of things. They may be a bit out there; however, I always fancied myself a bit of an oddball in my own way, anyhow.

Unfortunately, part of getting older is being older. I feel like I still need some teacher or guide to show me how this thing works, life. Some one to show me how to do this or that. Some one to remedy X problem and Y confusion. I don't think it's too late for that, though. I like to think, even a 90 year old on his deathbed can learn the answer to a very long standing question from some one of any age. There is always something to learn. And I really hope there is no shortage of compassion, caring, and concern. That's really all it takes.

Just to sit and listen to some one's problems with no judgment. To be an outstretched arm or a life preserver to some one overboard. It's hard. The deadline gets in the way. The quota stresses us. Life happens; and, before you realize it, a lot of it is behind you. For me, it has gotten so hard, to remember how to do all that. My world teems with so many desires and wants. Desires and wants that often drag me down like dead weight in the sea of my present reality. It's hard to help some one back on the boat when your out there overboard, perhaps, drowning as well.

Anywho. That's some heavy stuff. Hopefully things will lighten up a bit.

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